What is it?

It is the infusion into certain muscles of a substance, which causes a reduced ability of contraction. This substance is produced from bacteria and is called botulinum toxine.

Where is it applied?

This method is applied to various fields, such as the medical rehabilitation for the reduction of excessive contractibility of certain body parts, for endoscopic botulinum toxin injections into the interior of the stomach for obesity, as well as for curing migraine.
In cosmetic medicine it is mainly applied to some facial mimic muscles, which are implanted in the skin and are responsible for the expression movements of the face. It is also applied to the armpits and the palms as a treatment for over perspiration.


What is the facial treatment aiming at?

The application on the face is especially geared, to reduce excessive formation of expression wrinkles, which in the long run will result in the development of permanent, undesired ones.

Similarly, by reducing expression wrinkles some permanent ones that may have been formed already, will significantly be soothed.

The method is distinguished into Upper-Face and Lower-Face botulinum toxin.

What is Upper-Face botulinum toxin?

On the upper part of our face there are two groups of muscles very competitive with each other. Two frontal muscles which pull the forehead upwards and those that pull it downwards and are situated in the midbrow and above the eyebrows.

After evaluating the specific needs of every single face separately, we infuse minor quantities of botulinum toxinin balanced quantities into both muscle groups.

The desired effect of the upper-face botulinum toxin is a calm, relaxed face without extreme expression of anguish (forehead wrinkles) or stress (wrinkles between the eyebrows).

For men, our care is for the eyebrow to “settle” correctly giving a calm, masculine face and for the woman we care to maintain the charming and feminine detachment of the outer part of the eyebrow.

Two other muscle groups in the upper part of the face that are treated with botulinum toxin are : the “crow’s feet” outside and behind the exocanthus, as well as on the sides of the upper part of the nose in order to avert the creasing, which appears in this area during laughter.

What is the Lower-Face botulinum toxin?

In the lower part of the face we tend to intervene less. Such interventions may be the correction of the excess of the expression of disappointment (puppet contraction), the excessive lifting of the upper lip while smiling, where gums can be seen (gummy smile), as well as the downward movement of the tip of the nose while talking.

How is it done?

Botulinum toxin is inserted into the muscles via injection. Fine insulin syringes are used through which a minor quantity is infused into every spot, according to the doctor’s judgement and the effect we wish to achieve. Both the spots and the inserted quantities are personalized.

Are there side-effects?

The minimal doses used in cosmetic medicine are safe, as far as the general effect/action of botulinum toxin is concerned.

However, there are cases of undesired aesthetic results, if the injections are made by an inexperienced individual, or if you do not carefully follow the instructions:

What should I beware of before the treatment?

  • Avoid alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid, if possible, antiflammatory and anti-coagulants for 72 hours prior to the treatment.

What must I beware of after the treatment?

  • Do not rub the area around the injections for the next 24 hours.
  • Do not expose yourself to heat (electrical heaters, fireplace, sun, hairdryer).
  • Do not bend or lift weights and do not work out for the next 6 hours.
  • Do not lie down for the next 4 hours. Try to delay lying down for as long as possible.
  • Try to sleep in supine position for the night following your treatment, preferably with 1-2 pillows.
  • Do not have any other face treatment for the next 10 days.
  • Do not sunbathe during the next 72 hours.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol for the next 24 hours.
  • Even after the immediate time period of the treatment, extreme engagement in the injected areas will reduce the achieved result.

When will I see the results?

The result of the botulinum toxin does not appear immediately. It becomes visible about 5-7 days after the treatment.

How long do they last?

After its infusion into the muscles, botulinum toxin starts to get deconstructed by the organism itself and in the meantime, the achieved aesthetic result gradually starts to diminish.

You may slow down this procedure, as long as you take proper care of the treated areas and avoid exposure to heat (hair-dryer, sun, fire ect.).