What is it?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a form of mesotherapy, where the material inserted under the epidermis comes from the blood of the treated individual, contrary to all other forms of mesotherapy, which make use of foreign chemicals, thus called “heterologous”.

Before the treatment, a small amount of blood is collected. Under conditions of absolute antisepsis, the richest in platelet concentration part is separated to be used (platelet rich plasma).


What are the platelets?

Platelets are tiny blood components (like the white and red blood cells), that help our body form clots, to stop any  bleeding.  Their mission is to rush to the site of damage and form a clot to seal it.

After the bleeding stops, they secrete certain substances which, in turn, stimulate the fibroblasts in that area, to produce collagen and help the wound heal permanently.

What is their use in cosmetic medicine?

Their natural attribute to induce intensive collagen production in any area of the body outside the vascular environment (an attribute given to serve another purpose), is an invaluable tool in our hands in our efforts to beat aging by increasing the production of collagen to the skin.

Platelets are also used for the treatment of hair loss, as their growth factors stimulate hair folicles to generate new hairs. In cases of recent hair loss, PRP therapy brings amazing results within a few weeks.

Concerning its compatibility with other treatments, it can be combined with:

  • PDO threads
  • Heterologous mesotherapy
  • Dermabrasion
  • Toning face therapies

At least 4 weeks must have passed after:

  • HIFU
  • Radio Frequency treatments (RF)